- Reservation Guide

※Over the accommodates persons, more one persons that 10000 won more price.
※Peak-season dates : under the 'Reservation Now' Program consult.
※Check in time after P.M 2:00, Check Out time before at noon (12:00)

입금계좌 : 국민 512001-04-392524 예금주/김경희

- Inside the rooms are non-smoking.
- Please note that the following are you caring for others.
- then leave the room clean should be checked.
- goods damaged or lost, you should be reimbursed.


- Refund Information
- Rooms 100% deposit if you cancel after the deposit will be refunded after deducting cancellation.
- Room rates based on a 100% deposit refund% will be applied.
- high season 10 days before the cancellation, Non-refundable
- book culture correct settlement of sludge to be compelled to deduct penalty, reviewing the book before applying

  to the travel plans and book!


- Booking Request to review the book before you plan to travel.
- nine days before cancellation > 90% refund
- Cancellation 7 days prior to > 70% refund
- five days before the cancellation > 50% refund
- cancellation 3 days before > 30% refund
- 1-2 days before the cancellation > Non-refundable
- Cancellation on the day > Non-refundable

- book culture correct deduction penalty is unavoidable in order to settle
- The Basics Guide

- Internet and phone book can be perfected.
- Pets will not be admitted.
- toothbrushes and razors are not available.
- Please observe the departure time.
- Inside the rooms are non-smoking.
- Then leave the room clean should be checked.
- Goods damaged or lost, you should be reimbursed.
- become a nuisance to other guests can be a warning, if not corrected may require leave. Non-refundable In this case.

- Information Note

- When things break and let me know your administrator
- minors must have a guardian will be admitted.
- When checking in please contact the time delay. Leave the next day is 12:00.
- at time of booking deposit amount available for all You have to be booked.
- can be deposited by the name of the subscribers
- After payment, please be sure to call or BBS.
- Pets will not be admitted.
- by phone, please contact customer groups.
- less than 24 hours after reservations are canceled if payment is not.
- If you completed the day reservations, a reservation will be canceled check, please contact us.
- Guests are responsible for the accident due to negligence.