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   Hwang-toe (Jeon-ju Traditional flooring element clay) Flooring Contractors
Tell the Hwang-to is the most, effective include promoting blood flow, promote perspiration, relieve pain, heavy discharge, effective insect repellent, moisture removal, air purification, etc. Hwang-to gives the greatest satisfaction to many people, who's about comfort, body temperature 36 degrees Celsius might be able optimum temperature is 20 degrees. This season just as the soil temperature around 20 degrees, the temperature of the soil there is little change in the ambient air temperature not lower than in summer, cool winter temperatures warmer than the air. All rooms constructed of clay was prepared to be the most comfortable bed.
   Jeon-ju Hanzi(Korea Traditional Paper that made in jeon-ju) used
Korea traditional mulberry paper made from the raw material is very strong, more durable fabric preservation of life is excellent. South Korea's conservative tradition of paper keeps the artistic value. The two kinds of natural textures, the living, breathing feeling can feel the different materials. This is a unique characteristic Korea traditional paper. Korea Traditional Paper presented to the royal family was recognized for hundreds of years, when the Joseon Dynasty, was used as diplomatic documents. Korea traditional paper production and quality that was appreciated. All rooms inside the walls, window frames, to point the image has been constructed by South Korea using a traditional paper.
   Natural dyeing curtains
Plant in South Korea "JJOK" leaves by using a dye used to make dyes and are used to. JJOK for dyeing are many ways to enter into force. JJOK 's color like color of the sky. The process of dyeing a lot more complicated and difficult to dye. For all the curtains inside the room, these will be created by using conventional staining.
   Quilt cotton padding
Cotton padding is the most commonly used, is a botanical natural ingredients. Unlike animal material and does not cause allergies. So, good for young children. South Korea used to be a lot of cotton was grown. Is very difficult to raise cotton. Less bulky and lightweight, high quality cotton padding is excellent for keeping warm. But heavier than silk. Is hygroscopic, like a warm and hygienic. Cotton padding in all the rooms are ready for bed.