Welcome to visit us.
Jeonju Han-ok village(Han-ok: Korea traditional house) is located in the pungnammun, as a feeling of Traditional and stylish designs created by utilizing Traditional Hotel.

From the lobby to 3rd floor has general Traditional ceiling that more luxury than other hotels.

All rooms inside the Hwang-to(clay) floor and walls and windows were used Jeonju Hanzi(Korean Traditional paper that made in jeonju), whether natural cotton padding bedclothes and natural dying curtains are available.
3rd floor Hanul-jeongwon(sky garden), you can see all the landscape of jeonju ready for a wide wooden terrace and seminar rooms are located in the basement.
In addition, three types of Room Superior, Room Deluxe and Royal suites are available either use convenient.

Jeonju HOV constant exertions for tourists with meals, shelter, based on a gentle smile. and will do our best service.

Relax stay there! Jeonju Han-ok Village is here.